Monday, November 4, 2013

Steps To Enable Or Disable Network Adapter In Windows 8

A network adapter is a computer hardware component that enables the connection of a computer to a network. The user can disable or enable a network device or even an Ethernet connection in the system. Hence, this is also known as turning on or off the internet connection in the system. Every computer in the Ethernet network should have at least one controller. The procedure of enabling and disabling a network adapter in Windows 8 can be used whenever your computer is connected to more than one network adapter, and the user can disable the connection whenever any one of them is not being used. Sometimes, the user can also solve connection problems by disabling and then re-enabling the adapter. However, the user should always make sure to select the right one from the list i.e. disable or enable.

You can follow these below-mentioned steps to enable or disable the network support in Windows 8 before seeking assistance from Windows 8 support: 
  • In the first step, click on the Start option to open the Windows 8 Metro UI screen. After opening it, you should select the Control Panel option. 
  • You would see a list of options displayed here. In the Control panel list, scroll down to the last option and click More Settings. 
  • Once you have clicked the option, navigate to the option under Network And Internet. Now, check the options and select View network status and tasks. 
  • After selecting the option, you would see an option called Change adapter settings. Once you select this option, it would open the network connections. You can also contact Microsoft Windows 8 support to get more information on disabling and enabling the network adapter. 
  • Now, you would be able to see all the devices connected to your PC in the network connections window, and you would be able to easily identify them. Hence, you can select the option that you require. For example, select the one which you wish to disable by just clicking once and at the top of it you can see the option to Disable the network device you selected.
  • Similarly, you can also enable the network adapter in Windows 8 whenever you would wish to by just following the same steps. However, make sure you select thee Enable option. 
Hence, these steps would help you to enable or disable the network adapter in Windows 8. However, if you have any queries, you can always contact Microsoft tech support.

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