Sunday, December 29, 2013

How To Bring Back The Missing Outlook Connector Toolbar

Outlook users are free to download and install multiple toolbars and add-ons on their email application to improve the emailing experience. TimeTrade Outlook connector toolbar is one of such toolbars that is popular among Outlook users. The toolbar allows users to access the TimeTrade services instantly. At times, you may find your TimeTrade Outlook connector toolbar absent in your Outlook application. Using Microsoft Outlook tools, you can bring back your TimeTrade toolbar. Well, before jumping into the troubleshooting, let us try to figure out the causes for the missing TimeTrade connector toolbar.

Reasons for the missing TimeTrade Outlook Connector toolbar

TimeTrade Outlook connector toolbar might be missing from your Outlook application for various reasons. You will want to identify the exact cause to troubleshoot the problem effectively.

Open status of multiple Outlook Windows

If multiple Outlook windows are kept opened, you may find that the TimeTrade Outlook connector toolbar is present only in one of the Outlook windows, probably the first Outlook window that you opened. Make sure that only one Outlook window is opened. Navigate to the Windows Task Manager and check how many Outlook Windows are kept open.

Hidden status of TimeTrade Outlook Connector toolbar

Sometimes, the toolbar may not have disappeared but is just kept hidden. To verify whether the toolbar is kept hidden, navigate to the area where the toolbar is and right-click. If the toolbar is kept hidden, you will find it in the list without check mark. Select the checkbox to bring the toolbar back.

Disabled toolbar

When Outlook encounters critical errors or problems, it will disable all third party add-ons and toolbars to self-defend itself from any further issue. Navigate to Outlook add-ins option and check whether the toolbar is disabled. If it is disabled, enable it to bring it back to your Outlook application.

Re-enabling the TimeTrade Connector toolbar in Outlook 2010

  • Open the Outlook application and navigate to Options. 
  • Select Add-ins and click the pull down button titled Manage. 
  • Press the list of disabled items from the Manage drop-down menu. 
  • Press Go to proceed. This will bring up a window where you can find the listing of all disabled items. 
  • Check the status of TimeTrade toolbar and enable it if it is found disabled. 
  • Exit the window and restart your Outlook application. 

Using the above described Microsoft Outlook tools, you should have been able to re-enable TimeTrade Outlook connector toolbar. If the problem persists, contact Outlook support. 

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