Thursday, November 22, 2012

Advantages of Windows 8 Tablet over Android

Tablets have been a revolution in the world of technology. Many companies have already registered their names in the competition for ruling the tablet world. Apple Inc. is the front runner currently in the tablet market beating off the competition from Samsung and other companies. The iPad and iPad2 from Apple Inc. have become a huge it among tablet users.  Android is another tablet company that competes with apple to emerge as winners in the tablet world. They are certainly a serious contender for becoming the rulers of the tablet world.
Here we are going to compare Microsoft’s tablets with that of Android. Tech giants Microsoft has recently proved that they are not going to let off other companies take away their name in the tech world without giving a fight. Microsoft afterall runs on more than 90% of the computers across the globe.

1. The type of Applications

Applications from Microsoft have been the very user-friendly as well as most popular till date. The applications from Microsoft such as Office suite, Outlook Express etc. have become the part of the daily life of a person who works on computers. If they can replicate this magic with these applications with the touch interface of a tablet, then Microsoft has a real chance of making it top in the tablet market too.

2. Fragmentation

A tablet from Microsoft come with the brand new Windows 8 installed on it and has an inbuilt feature to reducing the degree of fragmentation that the system has to go through. Microsoft made a huge stride by successfully replicating the exact metro user interface of the tablets too. This successful invention will help Microsoft to see off the competition from android.

3. Is it user friendly?

Android devices will apparently be a new experience for every user with its new user interface. Devices with android sandwich platforms will be a new experience for people, but the lack of tutorials will reflect the overall rating as users will take time to adapt to the new settings.
Microsoft will stand out in this area with its familiar user interface. Even kids around the globe know how a Microsoft device interface will be.

4. Will it break your bank?
Apple iPad’s are on the top when it comes to the price list with its advanced features. But when it comes to Microsoft vs Android, it’s definitely Microsoft that is going to be rated higher based on past precedents.

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