Thursday, October 18, 2012

WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT: How Long Will Microsoft provide it?

This is a question that fears a lot of people. How long will their favorite OS will be supported? Windows 7, as you know, is one of the most used and admired operating systems in the current market. Windows 7, with its admiring looks and astonishing performance, has captured the minds of millions of people around the Globe. The Last 32 – bit OS from Microsoft was like the punch line in the climax of a movie. Windows 7, unlike its predecessors, comes as a version both compatible with normal input and Touch input.
Anyway you may be thinking how long will the support will last. Don’t worry. It will last a lot more than you think. In the Worst case scenario, 2020 will be the ending year for support of this OS. But even that will give 7 years. The thing is that Windows 8 will be released in 2013. So it doesn’t matter even if they pull the string 7 years after their next version.
Some sites and forums say some unbelievable things about Windows 7 support expiry. When they say the date, it’s just like someone saying the world is going to end day after tomorrow. The fact is it doesn’t, not even in the Hollywood cheap entertainers. Same is the case with the Windows 7 Tech support. They are just posting some craps to spread waves of horror among the common Windows 7 users.
There are some rules and regulations for the support provide for these platforms. Just because they run in computers doesn’t mean that their software can’t be sold without any restraints. After the General Availability (GA) Date, all the Consumer operating systems should be provided support by the respective company for five years. In case of business OSes the support should be provided until 10 years after the GA date. Microsoft Corporation released Windows 7 on October 22, 2009 (All Versions). So the GA date is 22/10/2009. So all the versions will have support till October 22nd 2014. But considering other variables like patch date and all, support will be until 2015. But there will be an extended support for 5 more years. So that will extend the Windows 7 Tech Support expiry date for support to 2020 October.
So you only have to worry after 2020. And please beware of sites written stoned ones (Inventing crazy expiry dates 4 everything)!