Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PowerShell And Group Policy To Remove Apps In Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 has become the first choice operating system for many across the world. Despite the initial lacklustre reception for the operating system, many users now prefer Windows 8 to other Windows operating systems, thanks to the timely Windows 8.1 update that Microsoft released recently. Unlike its predecessor operating system, Windows 8 has an entirely different appearance and settings. There is totally different procedure to install or uninstall a program or app in Windows 8. Obviously, one of the major concerns of Windows 8 users is about uninstalling apps. Is there a simple way to uninstall Windows 8 app? Having used Windows 8 for almost a year, I have found out a couple of short-cuts to uninstall programs in Windows 8. I am more than happy to share that with you.

Removing the Windows 8 app via PowerShell

PowerShell 3.0 is a Windows 8 utility. It features nine cmdlets in order to help users manage apps in the operating system. Among these, two are designed for the removal of Windows 8 apps (Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage and Remove-AppxPackage). If you are currently logged on your Windows 8 machine, you can use Remove-AppxPackage to get rid of any of the Windows 8 apps for your user account. If you want to remove the program from your machine, you will need to use Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage.

If any of the programs you want to remove is defended by another program or application, you will not be able to remove them with PowerShell (Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage or Remove-AppxPackage). In such circumstances, you will need to rely on Group Policy to uninstall programs.

How to uninstall Windows 8 apps using Group Policy

PowerShell logon script enables the removal of Windows 8 apps from all user accounts. You may employ Get-AppxPackage-name*|Remove-AppxPackage for the removal of programs. Group Policy processes your command synchronously by default. There won’t be any problem with a user logging on while the process is going on.

Hope the above instructions helped you remove the Windows 8 apps without any confusion. Since most of the Windows 8 features an entirely different ecosystem when compared to the previous Windows operating systems, it is recommended that you get familiar with it as well as its settings. You may visit the Windows 8 help forum or contact the Windows 8 help desk for more details.

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