Sunday, December 22, 2013

Resolving The Issue Of Mails Getting Stuck In The Outbox In Outlook

Majority of the people around the globe use Microsoft Outlook, especially for one major task - sending and receiving mails. This task can be accomplished without any hassles, and you can send the desired mails to your intended recipients, and you can also receive mails. One of the major Outlook problems experienced by the Outlook users is the mails being stuck in the Outbox, and not getting sent.

The mails remain in the Outbox and they do not reach the recipients. What happens is that the important information contained in the mail will not reach the recipients, and this can cause losses for you. A potential bug can cause this issue to occur, and by following the below provided guidelines, you can easily resolve the issue in a few steps.


  • Turn on the operating system.
  • For the Outlook 2007, you have to first download the latest SP3 version.
  • Access the polite mail. and make use of the process outbox feature.
  • The Outlook data file has to be repaired, if you have plans on making use of the Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010.

In Order To Resend The Mail Stuck In The Outbox

  • To view the items in the outbox, the outbox has to be clicked.
  • To open the items in the outbox, these have to be double clicked.
  • Now go back to your outbox.
  • Before sending, the 1to1 With Tracking should be unchecked for sending the email track.
  • Now each item has to be sent.

Making Of Polite Mail Sever Instead Of Outbox

  • From the upper part of your inbox, choose the politemail menu. Now choose connections settings from the menu.
  • The polite mail server tab has to be clicked.
  • The Send Email Via has to be altered and set to polite mail server.

By following the above mentioned guidelines, you can easily resolve the Outlook problems like that of mails getting stuck in the outbox. If you have any doubts with the guidelines or require any additional support in fixing the issue, you may contact our customer support center. We will help you resolve the issue by providing you with efficient help and support tips. The highly experienced and qualified support technicians will help to resolve your issues very easily. You can contact the support center whenever you need their help. Use Outlook to connect with friends and family, and manage your work day efficiently.

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