Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Run The Automatic Malware Scans With Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an antispyware program developed by Microsoft, which helps to detect malware infections, and scans the files for removing viruses and spyware from your PC. Windows Defender is included with the Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. The Windows Defender program detects and stops most spyware from installing automatically, and removes spyware that has already affected your PC. However, of late, many users have complained about the issues regarding the Windows Defender in Windows 7. According to the Windows 7 support, most users complained that their computer was infected with junk, like spyware and viruses, and it ran into bigger problems that ranged from glitches in the system and slow operating speeds, to privacy invasion, altering of the home page, and even access of the computer to use it to attack another system.

You can follow these steps to run the automatic malware scans in Windows 7, with the Windows defender antispyware.
  • In the first step, click the Start menu. You would see a Search box to locate the programs in the system. Here, type Windows Defender into the Search box, and click its name in the list. 
  •  Earlier, in Windows Vista, the Windows Defender could be found on the Start menu itself. However, in Windows 7, typing its name into the Search box is the quickest way to locate the Windows Defender program, since it no longer lives on the Start menu, as it did in Windows Vista. It is also not listed under any category in the Control Panel. 
  • Once you locate the Windows Defender program, click on the Windows Defender’s Scan button on the top menu. Windows Defender immediately performs a quick scan of your PC. Wait for the process to get finished. You can also seek assistance from Windows 7 support to run the Windows defender automatic scan. 
  •  In the next step, click Tools, choose Options, and select the Automatically Scan My Computer check box, and then click Save. Hence, it would schedule automatic scans to run at 2 a.m. every day, an easy way to help keep your PC safe. 
  • It is always advised to run more than one spyware scanner on your PC. Antispyware programs are compatible with each other, and each program would scan separately without interrupting, unlike the antivirus programs.
 Hence, these simple steps would help you to run the automatic scan of Windows Defender in your systems. For more information, contact Microsoft’s official website.

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