Monday, July 28, 2014

You Can Update XP Using An OS Hack

Are you are still using Windows XP and do not have enough funds to buy a new system? It is obvious that with the Windows tech support for XP having officially ended, you can no longer update your OS either, which means you are doomed with an outdated operating system. But, as it turns out, if you know a little bit of computer programming, you can use a hacking trick and update your officially-retired Windows XP OS.

How does this work?

Though Microsoft officially shut down Windows tech support for Windows XP, it seems that XP support is still available for some of the embedded OS versions. It is interesting to note that some Windows XP embedded platforms were released a few years after the official release of XP platform and they are still in their extended support period.

For example, Windows XP embedded POSReady 2009 OS, as it is evident from the name itself, was released in 2009. The ten-year Microsoft tech support is available for this OS at present, which means that the Windows XP embedded POSReady 2009 OS will receive official security updates until 2019.

Interestingly, you can install Windows XP Embedded OS updates on Windows XP desktop OS too. This can be done if you use an OS hack to change the registry file indicating the OS version you are using. After you have made this change, you can go to the Windows Update server online and check for the latest security updates available.

The Windows Update server will then recognize your system running on Windows XP Embedded POSReady 2009 OS and will release the latest Microsoft security updates available for it. You just have to download and install them in your system manually. Be reminded that you cannot use the Windows Update function for installing these updates directly.

Microsoft is aware of this loophole and they have issued a statement warning XP users not to use this option for getting security updates for their computer. Of course, hacking your OS like this is never a smart idea. In addition, according to Microsoft, those security updates are designed for the XP Embedded operating systems alone and if you install them in your XP desktop OS, it might lead to many OS errors and problems.

So, this so-called clever idea might not be that clever after all. You should just upgrade to a new generation OS instead.

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