Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Numerous Benefits Of Configuring Outlook With Your Email Account

Most of you might have multiple email accounts with different service providers. If all your email accounts are active and you use them regularly, then it would be a tedious task to view the emails in these accounts. This is because you will have to logout from account in your browser and then login to the other in the internet browser. However, this problem can be resolved if you configure any of the email programs like Microsoft Outlook with these email accounts. Let us find out in detail about the benefits of Outlook email setup.

Easier to view emails

If you wish to view the emails in your email accounts, simply launch the program by double-clicking its shortcut icon and it will display all the emails in the account. If you wish to view the emails in a different account, all you need to do is simply click the mailbox for the corresponding account and it will show the emails in the second account.

Downloading emails

This is one of the major advantages of using Outlook. When you add an email account to Outlook, it starts to download emails to the computer. The advantage of this method is that you will have the copy of your emails in your computer. By this, you can view the emails even in the absence of an internet connection. Keep in mind that you will need to login to the internet email account for viewing your emails.

Backing up files

Outlook saves the emails to the file called Outlook.pst. You may simply copy this file and it will act as a backup of your emails. Thus, you do not have to worry about loss of emails even if the program becomes corrupted.

Configuring Outlook

Outlook email setup is a simple process and it involves only a few simple steps. Outlook helps you to add email accounts manually as well as automatically. With automatic configuration, you just need to enter the basic information like your name, email address, password for the email address etc. to setup the account. However, automatic Outlook email configuration works only with major email programs in the market like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.

With numerous advantages of Outlook, it is one of the best email programs in the market to manage your emails. Outlook comes as one of the programs in Microsoft’s Office Suite package along with other applications like Word, PowerPoint etc.

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