Sunday, July 13, 2014

Use Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant For A Smooth Transition To The New Windows OS

For those, who want to know how to upgrade to Windows 8, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to guide you through the process. Whenever Microsoft releases a new Windows OS versions, there often emerges reports about OS upgrade errors and other problems. This time around, Microsoft planned to reduce the number of users getting affected by such errors.

So, how to upgrade to Windows 8 using this Upgrade Assistant?

You just have to go to the Microsoft Windows 8, where detailed instructions about upgrading to Windows 8, its OS system requirements and other details will be mentioned. There, you will find the link for downloading the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant application, and some instructions to install and use it.
There is nothing to it really. Just install and run it like any other application in your OS. When you run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant application, it will scan the hardware and software components in your system to find out which of them falls short of Windows 8 system requirements. This information will be presented to you in the form of an OS compatibility report.

You need to go through this report to find out, which all hardware and software components you need to replace in order to make your system compatible with the new OS. You need to make all these changes before you upgrade to Windows 8. In some cases, it might be possible to install Windows 8 on a system that does not meet the system requirements in full. But, you would sooner or later encounter problems in your new OS.

To avoid such errors, follow the instructions of the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant as you upgrade to the new OS. If your system indeed meets the Windows 8 system requirements, then you will be given the online link for purchasing the recommended Windows 8 OS version for your needs. Of course, Windows 8 is not a freeware OS. Here, you need to choose an online payment method and pay for the Windows 8 version you want to download.
With the successful transaction of the amount, you will receive the product key for activating the Windows 8 OS. Now, download and install the Windows 8 OS in your system and activate it using the product key. If you have any doubts regarding this, just visit the Windows 8 website for more information.

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