Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interesting Surface Pro 3 Features

So, Surface Pro is all set to debut on June 20 and is certainly one of the most anticipated devices of 2014. As it was mentioned in the Microsoft support page, Surface Pro 3 tablet will run Windows 8.1 and has some interesting features to look forward to.

Higher-resolution screen
  • As compared to the earlier versions, Microsoft has ensured that this time around, the screen size is actually bigger. With a 12-inch display, the 2160x144- pixel screen offers a slightly denser resolution as compared to Surface Pro 2.
  • According to sources, Surface Pro 3 can display almost 6% more content that MacBook Air, making the former an outright winner.
Flexible kickstand
  • In the first version i.e. Surface Pro, the kickstand supported only one position. This didn’t go well with most users. Although the company modified it to a two-step kickstand in Surface Pro 2, still some users find it not so convenient to use.
  • In Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has ensured that the kickstand supports a range of positions. Thus, Surface Pro 3 aims at being more user-friendly as compared to its predecessors.
Surface Pen
  • Microsoft has modified the note-taking and drawing options in Surface Pro 3 by including the advanced Surface Pen. This Surface Pen is well-integrated into the OS and is also sensitive.
  • As soon as you touch the Surface Pen to the screen, it will open up the OneNote application. Several users had certain questions regarding the availability of this Surface Pen. To clear off such confusions, the company has mentioned about the features and availability of this accessory in the Microsoft support page.
Powerful Processors
  • This is one aspect where Surface Pro 3 scores big over other tablets in the market. This advanced device can be configured with up to an Intel i7 processor.
  • The inclusion of such powerful processors only adds up to the faster running of apps and programs on the tablet.
Improved battery life
  • The battery life of Surface Pro 3 is claimed to be up to 9 hours. The tablet running on i7 processor will have an improved battery life as compared to those using the i5 processor.
These are some of the advanced and useful features that Microsoft has included in the latest Surface Pro 3. With the company touting that this device can actually replace the laptop, it would be interesting to see the user response to Surface Pro 3.

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