Thursday, June 12, 2014

About The Xbox Live Online Network

Over the years, Microsoft has developed their Xbox Live service in to cool online gaming network, which also has many entertainment options and services. Though initially designed mainly for the Xbox console users, Microsoft has since opened the gaming platform for the PC gamers as well. Microsoft has a different online gaming platform called Games for Windows Live for the Windows users.

About the Xbox Live subscription packages

It is reported that Microsoft will soon shut down the Games for Windows Live service and might focus on the Xbox Live as the sole gaming platform for all Windows operating systems and Xbox consoles. Of course, the old operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista might not be offered this service.

Microsoft already discontinued the Xbox Live service for the original Xbox console back in 2010. The Xbox Live gaming network is currently available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming console users as well as for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone users. Those who were using the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems can access the service through the Games for Windows Live network.

The Xbox Live network is currently available in two subscription packages – Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold. The Xbox Live Gold is a paid service that requires the users to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. However, The Xbox Live is a free service that anyone using any of the genuine Microsoft products mentioned above can use by signing up for an account.

The Xbox Live network facilitates multi-player gaming with other gamers on the network as well as Microsoft Live chat session with them. You can also download the latest television shows, music concerts, live sports events, etc all through the Xbox Live network.

You can also purchase some of the coolest game titles for your Xbox console or the Windows PC. Of course, many of the features mentioned above are not available in the free Xbox Live subscription. You have to upgrade to the Xbox Gold service to gain access to all the cool options and features Microsoft has introduced in Xbox Live.

For example, the Microsoft Live chat options available for the Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold services are different. The Party Chat option is only available to the paid users. Similarly, you will get many more options when you upgrade to Xbox Gold. Visit the Xbox Live website online to find out more.

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