Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Banks In USA Upgrades ATMs With Windows 7

Microsoft’s recent decision to put an end to the support for Windows XP operating system from April 8, 2014 onwards elicited worldwide clamour. It is believed that end of support for XP will mostly affect financial institution that still depend on Windows XP powered self services. The decision has caused apprehension among folks who use ATMs on a regular basis to withdraw money.

That over 50 percent of the ATMs in America and Europe are still running XP makes things appear worse. Experts opine that since Windows XP is not supported, it is quite easier for hackers to penetrate into the vulnerable operating system. Since most ATMs are running XP, hackers do not have to work out brilliant plans in order to attack XP machines.

Popular banks to migrate to Windows 7

There is a good sign lately that many banks in USA are planning to replace the OS of their ATM machines, which is currently Windows XP or Vista, with Win 7 or other third party programs. First Federal Bank is one of the first banks to put such plans into practice already. In a recent meeting, the management of First Federal Bank of Louisiana decided to replace Windows XP on all its ATMs with the latest Win 7 operating systems. To expedite the process, it has contacted Dieobold Inc., a popular firm that installs ATMs and other self service financial services for different banks in the USA.

Diebold’s Agilis 3 software will improve security features of ATMs

In addition to providing the upgrade service for the ATMs, Dieobold offers its own security application called Agilis 3 software. This software will install advanced Encryption PIN Pads (EPPs) on the ATMs, enabling the banks to meet the security requirements of the recent PCI PTS version 3.1.

It is hoped that many banks in USA and Europe will follow the steps of First Federal Bank of Louisiana. Meanwhile, experts suggested that a few banks changing their ATM operating system will not contribute much to the security as a whole. However, if a single bank upgrades all its ATMs from the old Windows XP OS to the latest Windows 7 OS could certainly boost up the security of the particular bank.

Meanwhile, Diebold said that it would support all banks who contact them for the ATM upgrade service. Diebold currently holds the status as the number one ATM service provider in USA.

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