Monday, June 2, 2014

Tips To Uninstall Default Tab Search Bar From Windows

A toolbar is a kind of browser add-on that may get installed in your computer without your knowledge and is meant for providing easy access to some of the functions offered by the specific toolbar. Sometimes, these toolbars will be very helpful, however, as the time passes, it will slowly decrease the efficiency of your computer by taking large amount of system resources. Moreover, it will also make your system very slow. Therefore, these toolbars are needed to be removed from your computer. Well, given below are some easy instructions on how to remove Search Here toolbar, which will help you to uninstall Search toolbar from your Windows computer.

  • Move the mouse pointer towards the lower left corner of your Windows taskbar and locate the button that is labeled Start. After that, click it. Now, a Windows Start menu will be available on your screen. From the Windows Start screen, you need to select the option called Control Panel. Now, the Control Panel window will open up in your screen. From that window, you need to select the option called Uninstall a program. 
  • However, this is completely different, if you are using a computer loaded with Windows 8 operating system. If you are having a Windows 8 computer, you need to move your mouse pointer towards the right part of your screen and from the list that is available, you need to select Search followed by searching for Control Panel. Or else, you can select the Control Panel option by right clicking on the left bottom corner, and then selecting the option called Control Panel. From this Control Panel window, you can choose the option called Uninstall a program. 
  • Now, the Uninstall or Add/Remove programs window will appear on your desktop screen. This window will display the list of programs and applications installed in your computer. From the list, find out the option called Search Bar and click it. Now, a pop up message saying Uninstall will appear on your screen. Click it and again click the option called Yes to confirm your action. If you need to install other applications, you can follow the same procedure. 
The above said instructions will help you to uninstall Default Tab Search Bar from your Windows operating system. To know more about how to remove Search Here toolbar, contact our customer support desk.

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