Sunday, July 13, 2014

Effective Email Search In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook continues to be better than ever, with newly released versions having effective productivity applications that help make our work a piece of cake. The built-in Outlook 2010 Instant Search feature is many times faster than its predecessors are, and even faster than some of the available third party extensions.

However, you have to open the entire Outlook application before you can search for a single email in Outlook, wasting valuable time. Outlook users would prefer searching e-mail even when Outlook is closed. Even though the built-in Instant Feature does not support this feature, Outlook Mai Finder, a third party application lets you search through your e-mails in seconds!

This lightweight (less than 1MB) freeware application lets you search through the indexed e-mails in an extremely short time. It does so by indexing all the emails in your folder beforehand. This application is highly customizable, letting you index only the folders whose contents should be displayed. Simply head over to the Search index options, from the left sidebar, and select the folders you want to archive.

Moreover, you can schedule this feature such that it is automatically indexed on a predefined time. It is recommended to index your mails every day, keeping the search feature up-to-date and saving time as well.

Outlook Mail Finder indexes your emails into a Microsoft Access Database file (flat file) automatically, but this can be changed into a MySQL database file upon your will. The ability to customize the way you want it makes this application the best suited search program.

Once you have configured all the settings and indexed the emails in your folder, click on the Outlook Search tab and type in the keyword you want to search. Search in the subject, Mail body, or attachment file name to bring relevant search results. You can narrow down your search list by choosing to search by Sender or Receiver. Searching for email in Outlook will be instantaneous!

Outlook Mail Finder is able to index a large folder in surprisingly short time. The time taken to index would depend on the number of folders you selected and the item inside those folders. However, if you need to recreate an index, you would have to delete the existing index, and then start from scratch. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 7 and runs on all versions of Office. The best part is, it even works on the Microsoft Exchange Server!

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