Monday, July 1, 2013

Tutorial To Delete Installed Microsoft Windows Updates

Microsoft Windows operating system is designed by default to update itself automatically when the computer is connected to the Internet. Windows Automatic Update Service is a program that is always checking the official website of Microsoft for updates and then downloading update installation files to your computer.
The Microsoft update files are downloaded on to the system of the user and then it is installed in the computer. In some cases, these installed Windows updates can cause problems in the installed computer as these files cause conflicts with the other installed software in the computer. Therefore to resolve such issues, you will be required to remove the Microsoft updates that is causing problems on your computer. 
Instructions from Microsoft help
  • Start off the process to delete the Microsoft updates by clicking on the Windows Start button displayed in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop screen. Clicking on this icon will open the Windows Start menu, which is the hub for most of the Windows related settings.
  • Click on the All Programs displayed in the Windows Start Menu to display the list of programs that have been installed onto the Windows system.
  • Click on the Windows Update option from the list of programs that are displayed on the screen of your Windows computer.
  • Click on the View Update History button in order to view the recent updates that you have carried out in your Windows computer.
  • Click on the Installed Updates button in order to see the list of Microsoft updates that you have installed on your Windows computer.
  • Click the update to be uninstalled in order to select it.
  • Click on the Uninstall button to start the uninstallation process of the Microsoft update. Depending on the nature of the update, you may need to restart Windows after the update is removed. That is, you might be required to restart your Windows computer for the changes to take effect.
These are some simple and easy instructions that will help you in uninstalling or removing the Microsoft updates that have been installed on your Windows computer. The Microsoft help and support team has provided the simple guidelines that will help you in removing the Microsoft updates. Make sure that you follow them without mistake, so that you’ll be ensure speedy deletion of the updates installed on your computer.

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