Monday, June 3, 2013

How To Transfer Emails From Outlook Express 6 To A New Computer

The Outlook Express 6 for which Microsoft no longer offers support, however, provides the user with the provision to transfer the emails to a new email client. Transferring messages from Outlook Express version 6 to a new computer running on Outlook Express 6, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail is quite simple. You can do this by backing up the Outlook Express message store. Follow the guidelines briefed below to transfer emails from Outlook Express 6 to a new computer.

Windows support instructions

Turn ON the device and sign into your Admin account. Sign in as the guest user if you do not have access to your admin account.
Launch the File Explorer menu or the My Computer/Computer window.  To launch the File Explorer, use the Keyboard shortcut Windows logo key + the letter E.  Alternatively, you may launch the application from the Start menu. Click on the Windows Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. From the Start pop-up, select the My Computer/Computer window label to launch it.
Click on the Tool option. From the Tools dropdown, select the label that reads Folder Options.
Click on the View tab and then the Show Hidden Files and Folders. Hit OK to save the setting.
Go to the C:\Documents and Settings\user account\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities and replace the user account with the actual user account containing the Outlook Express 6 mail.
Connect the temporary storage device to your device.
Copy the files and folders to the temporary storage location.
Connect the temporary storage device to the new computer.
Open the email client on the new computer. You may open Outlook Express 6, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail application on your device. Click on the label that reads File and from the dropdown, select the Import Messages option.
Open the folders that were previously imported into the new computer. If you had copied many folders, you will have to go for importing them separately. Repeat the above steps to import the files separately.

Following the above guidelines will help you transfer emails from Outlook Express 6 to a new computer. For more assistance and help on the same, drop into our Windows Support blogs and forums. You may also seek help from our Outlook Express support team online and through phone. 

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