Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steps To Install Service Pack 1

“Why should I install the service pack 1?” I was bit skeptical about the service pack version 1. I managed to reach the help centre via the Windows support number and enquired about the Windows Service Pack 1. The guy helped me with the answer that the Windows Service Pack 1 was designed to enhance and boost the system performance as well as to make it run more securely. He asked me to follow the under mentioned steps to install the Service Pack 1.


• Check the internet connectivity status. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet while trying to install the internet service pack 1. Only if you have an active internet connection, you will be able to hook your computer with the internet. So, make sure that you have an active wireless or wired Internet connection, while downloading the Service Pack version 1.
• Launch the Start menu by clicking the Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. Instead, you may launch the Start menu by pressing the key imprinted with the Windows logo. From the Start pop up, select the label that reads All Programs. The All Programs list will brief you the names of the programs installed in the computer.
• From the All Programs list, select the label that reads Windows Update.
• Now search for the link that reads Check for Updates. Click on the link that reads View Available Updates. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Service Pack for Microsoft Windows. Hit the Install option to install the update. If you are not signed in to your admin account, you will be prompted to enter your admin account password.
• Follow the instructions prompted by the installation wizard to install the software with ease. This will mostly consist of needing to select Next on a number of screens. The computer may restart a couple of times in between the installation process. This is normal and you need not get worried seeing this.
• Next, login to your admin account after the Setup has finished installing the update. You might receive the notification; update was successful, when you log back in. The process is now complete.
Follow the instructions briefed above to troubleshoot the issues that pop-up while installing the Service pack 1. For any further clarification on the same, visit our Windows help centre or call us on our toll free 24/7 Windows support number.

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