Saturday, May 17, 2014

Microsoft Reminds Users About Windows XP EOS Through Pop-Ups

About a year ago, Microsoft made an announcement that broke many computer lovers' hearts; they announced to end the support for their thirteen-year-old operating system Windows XP from April of 2014. Until Microsoft announced the end of support for the operating system, it was the second most popular Windows operating system in the industry. The operating system was widely accepted mainly due to its simple design and ease of access. The funny fact is that even after the company released the end of support for the operating system through their Microsoft tech support blog, people are still refusing to upgrade from the operating system.

The operating system still holds about thirty percent of the overall computer market share while the latest operating systems from Microsoft like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 together hold a share of just 10.36 percent. However, with the end of support for the operating system now in place, we can hope that the numbers of Windows XP operated computers will be getting low in few days. However, the market leader in the operating system field is Microsoft’s own Windows 7 operating system, which is the successor of the Windows Vista operating system.

The company has announced through their Microsoft tech support forum that they will be reminding users of Windows XP who have not upgraded to the new operating system from the thirteen year old operating system that is nearing its end. However, this popup message will be only shown to users who have Windows XP Professional or Home installed in their computers. According to the company, they will be showing the message from March 8, exactly a month before the end of support date of the operating system.

However, the message can be viewed by only users who have their automatic update option for the operating system turned on. In addition, the users will see the message only if they are connected to the internet. The company but failed to mention whether they will be providing the popup message only on March 8th or will continue to display the message throughout. If you are not sure whether you are running the Windows XP operating system or not, you can know that by checking the System Properties option in the My Computer window.

It is better to upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as possible and enjoy the many attractive features that come along with the latest OS from Microsoft.

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