Friday, May 9, 2014

Few Guidelines To Safeguard Windows XP Machines

Those of you who are using Windows XP are already aware about the end of support for the operating system. According to Microsoft help forum, Windows XP computers will no longer receive any form of support from the software giant. The last day for Windows XP support from Microsoft was April 8, 2014. Since then, Microsoft has stopped release of updates, security patches, bug fixes etc. for the operating system.

Now, a new rootkit malware has been detected in some Windows XP operating systems, named as Alureon. As you all know, a rootkit is a dangerous virus that is designed to steal important information like your credit card number, passwords etc. With something like this, a hacker would find it easier to intrude into your computer system. Now, since Microsoft has stopped Windows XP support, users cannot expect a fix from the software giant. So, what are the other measures that you could take to avoid this type of virus? Let us find out in detail.

Install a good antivirus program

It is always good to take precautions to safeguard your computer. A good antivirus program will ensure that your computer is working fine, free from viruses and other threats. Keep in mind that most of the major antivirus programs in the world still work on Windows XP operating system, and they’ve not stopped support for it. So you may download any of these programs off the internet and run it occasionally. Now, you can go for either a free version of the antivirus programs or a paid version. However, trial versions do not have all the features necessary for complete protection of the computer. Since Microsoft no longer supports your operating system, it is a good strategy to buy a premium version.

Avoid unwanted emails

One of the easiest ways in which your computer could be infected is through malicious emails. Therefore, it is important that you avoid the emails from unknown sources. It is important to delete suspicious emails and make sure that you do not click on the links found in such messages.

Scan USB flash drives

Since viruses can be transferred through pen drives, it is important that you scan them with the antivirus program before using it.

Even though the above-mentioned steps could restrict viruses to a certain extent, there is still no guarantee that your operating system would work smoothly for the coming years. According to Microsoft help forum, an upgrade to any of the newer Microsoft operating systems is the best option available for Windows XP users.

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