Thursday, May 2, 2013

How To Back Up Internet History With Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is open freeware software developed by Mozilla Corporation, powered with the Gecko search engine. The browser application comes loaded with features that allow the user to customize and edit a number of applications. Like other browsers, say for example Google chrome or IE, the browser can be made to remember your search interests, history and bookmarks. Backing up your Internet history in Firefox only takes a few minutes. Follow the tips below to create a backup of the Firefox browser history.
Mozilla Firefox support instructions to back up internet history
·         Launch the RUN command window. The RUN command window in windows is programmed to open files, folders or applications at your request. To launch the RUN window, click on the Start orb placed on the lower left half of the home screen. Alternatively, you can launch the Start menu using the Window key. From the Start menu pop, click on the label that reads RUN. If you do not find the same in the Start pop up, hit the search space with the keyword RUN, and press Enter.
·         Copy and paste the following into the Run prompt, using your mouse or your keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C and then press Enter. %APPDATA%\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\Profiles\\. Make sure that you do not miss any symbols while copying.
·         Right click the folder that the RUN window launches. From the dropdown, select the Copy option. The Firefox profile folder that the Run prompt launches, will contain all of your bookmarks, browsing history, settings and other information.
·         Copy the folder contents, and paste them into a back up memory device. You may go for devices like flash drives, an external hard drive, blank CD-ROMs, SD cards and other forms of memory storage. You may also opt to backup these data onto online memory storage spaces like the Cloud, Skydrive, Dropbox, etc.
·         Launch the Windows Explorer, either using the keyboard shortcut Key+E, or the My Computer/Computer label in your Start menu pop up. Right-click the folder you want to copy. From the drop down, select Copy. Navigate into the external device window. Right click in the window and from the dropdown, select the Paste option. You now have a backup of your Firefox profile, and all of its information.
Follow the instructions briefed above to copy the internet profile details of your Firefox browser to a flash drive. For more assistance and Mozilla Firefox support, feel free to reach our tech support desk or our online help centre. 

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