Monday, May 6, 2013

Tutorial For Setting Up A Projector On A Windows 7 PC

As you might already know, Windows 7 is the successor of Windows Vista. It comes with lots of pre-installed applications for providing a trouble free computing experience for its users.

Students and businesspersons often use a projector to present projects and reports. Windows 7 is compatible with most projectors that may be plugged into it. Using a projector however may not be as easy as it sounds. When connecting a projector to the computer, you may face a number of issues. What you will need in such instance would be easy to follow troubleshooting steps for solving these and other problems. Thankfully, the internet is littered with a number of good solutions. Here we present a few valid, tried and tested instructions to set up a projector

Windows 7 support instructions
1.       Plug your projector device to your computer. You can do this by connecting the VGA or DVI cable to the video port of your computer.
2.       Click on the Windows “Start” button located the bottom left hand corner of your desktop. Alternatively, you can press the key that bears the logo of Microsoft on it.
3.       Select control panel from the start menu.
4.       Select the link labeled “Connect to a projector” located in the hardware and sound settings. This will open up a blue panel with different display settings. The shortcut to connect to the projector is “Ctrl + Windows Logo key + p”. The projector settings window will open up, and from here, you can select how your desktop should be displayed.
5.       Select your desired display setting. The different options for display settings include:
-          Show Desktop Only On Computer Display – Make use of your existing display.
-          Duplicate Desktop on projector – The display will be on both your existing display and a connected projector.
-          Extended Desktop to projector – Image will be displayed on both the monitors. This option is extremely useful for displaying presentation through the projector.
6.       Once you made your choice, the projector settings window closes, and the new settings will come to effect

So that’s how to go about setting up a projector on Windows 7 PC. If in case you are facing any problems in doing so, you can contact the Windows 7 support team for further assistance. You can also choose to go through the Microsoft support websites as well as the technical forums.

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