Thursday, January 17, 2013

Help To Access Chat Logs In MSN Messenger

Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN messenger is an instant messaging application designed and developed by Microsoft. It offers high quality text, audio, and video facilities to its users .
Whenever you perform a chat in MSN Messenger, a log of each chat automatically gets saved on the hard drive of your system. This pretty feature allows you to access important information from your past conversations and also allows you to search old chat logs to experience again memorable moments that you don’t like to forget.
In Windows Live Messenger, these chat logs are stored in a special folder that can be easily accessed from the options menu. After reading pointers mentioned below from the Microsoft Chat team, you can quickly access the chat logs in Windows Live Messenger.
How to View Chat Logs in Windows Live Messenger?
Firstly, Launch Windows Live Messenger application on your system.
Now login to your Windows Live account. For this, you have to provide your Windows live ID and Password in the Login window followed by clicking the sign in button.
On the left side of your Windows Live home window you can see your contact list. Trigger the Show Menu option situated just above the contact list.
Trigger the file menu in the top main menu bar and then select the option called View message history from the pull down list thus displayed. This opens up a new window with Select a contact as the title.
Now determines the name of the contact that you wish to display the chat logs for. Double-click on the particular contact to display the complete chat history for that contact.
Once you finish reading, trigger the return to messenger option. This redirects you to your Windows Live Home page.
How to save MSN chat logs?
Tag along Show menu tab on the top main menu bar and from the displayed drop-down list, highlight the tools option by placing the mouse pointer on it and then select the options tab from the subfolder thus appeared.
Now select the message option.
In order to save a log of each conversation in Windows Live messenger, select automatically keep a history of my conversation option followed by clicking the OK button.
After reading these pointers from the Microsoft Chat panel you were able to view the chat logs saved in Windows Live Messenger. Thank you!

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