Monday, December 31, 2012

Deactivating The Alt-Click On Microsoft Word

If there is one company which brings new and enhanced features to your computer through brilliant software engineering, it’s none other than the Microsoft Inc. The company developed the Office suite software which includes various other applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft publisher etc. which have become indispensible part of any computer. In fact, even Apple had to license Microsoft to develop an Office pack for its operating systems.
Among these applications packed up in the Office suite, Microsoft Word stand in a different platform as this is the most frequently used application in a Windows machine by any user.
The most attractive feature about this program is that it allows a user to create a word document with minimum effort with the aid of numerous tools. The research tool is one among the many tools in MS Word. When the alt key is pressed for a while and the user clicks on a word in the document it will lead to a panel on the right side which will display relevant information about the word including its meaning.
Although useful, a section of Windows users didn’t agree and they saw this tool in the application as an absolute wastage of time and effort as Windows does have other options to find out all the information’s regarding apparently anything on the globe. You can get rid of this tool in the Word program by modifying the settings in the computer's group policy. Subsequent steps brought about by the Microsoft help and support team will help you to learn this easily.
Bring up the Startup menu by clicking on the “Start” and choose the "Run" tab.
Inside the run box, enter the commands "gpedit.msc" and follow by triggering the "OK" tab to call up the Group Policy Object Editor tool on to your monitor.
Bring on the "User Configuration" and "Administrative Templates" Windows.
Pick out the "Microsoft Word" tab and click on it twice from the list furnished in the window.
Bring the "Disable Items in User Interface" in to spotlight and tag along the "Custom" tab.
Choose the "Disable shortcut keys" tab and opt for "Enabled" radio button.
Go for the "Show" tab and tag on the "Add" in the subsequent window.
Type in "16" as the count.
Trigger the "OK" tab to eradicate the research tool from your Microsoft Word interface without any traces.
For further information’s, go for the remote desktop assistance from the Microsoft help and support crew.

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