Friday, September 12, 2014

The Advanced Bamboo Paper App For Windows 8 By Wacom

Wacom Co., Ltd. is considered as one of the highly reputed and leading manufacturers of digital interface solutions, interactive computer applications, digital pen displays, and the likes. The prime motto of this tech company is to minimize the distance between people and technology in a noteworthy manner. In a way, we can say that Wacom makes use of natural and intuitive interface technologies to bring people and technology closer, and create outstanding results.

Numerous advanced equipments and tools enable you to express your creative fluency on the digital format, in the same way as trying your artistic skills with ink and paper. If you are such a creative person, you will be glad to know that Wacom is planning to offers their drawing app known as Bamboo Paper for Windows 8. Read along to know more about the project.

Bamboo Paper apps for Windows 8

There is a great deal of buzz these days around the Wacom popular Bamboo Paper apps going multiplatform. The digital note-taking app is highly compatible with laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs that run on the latest Windows operating system.

You can see that the Bamboo Paper app is developed by Wacom, based on the company’s 30 years of legacy in the arena of top-notch digital pen input technologies. With this app, you get the natural drawing and writing experience on your mobile devices and PCs just as the way you enjoy on paper or canvas. Your creative thinking and visual expression will soar at great heights with the wide range of sophisticated technical features of the Bamboo Paper apps.

The company recently specified that they are working on a detailed computer language as well. This will in turn ensure that the Bamboo Paper app will work in a similar way on all the major platforms and that too regardless of the capabilities of the OS or system hardware configuration. The name given to this project by Wacom is Wacom Ink Layer Language or WILL.

With project WILL, it will be much easier to share your drawings, sketches, and notes between your own gadgets and to other devices. This will certainly be a great beneficial factor, as you will be able to collaborate with others to create artistic works in real time.

As for now, the Bamboo Paper app is available for free on Windows Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore. Go get it now!

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