Saturday, September 13, 2014

Know The Quickest Way To Restart/Shutdown Windows 8

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 is known to have integrated a slew of brand new features like the user friendly Metro UI (User Interface), minimum hardware requirements, touch screen friendliness and many more. Despite these new features, the operating system lacks many traditional features. Microsoft’s decision to remove the traditional Start button stirred up much controversy. Thankfully, there are a couple of third party apps that claim to offer the missing Windows features in Windows 8.

Windows 8 suffers absence of direct shutdown/restart option

Although Windows 8 lacked many good features, what I found most disappointing was the absence of a direct shutdown/restart option. If you have used Windows 7 prior to using Windows 8, you would realize that Windows 7 has a much simpler and direct option to restart/shutdown the PC. Why isn’t there a direct option to reboot Windows 8? Did Microsoft deliberately exclude this feature in Windows 8?

In fact, the absence of a direct shutdown/restart option has surprised many users who gave Windows 8 a try. Well, if you are an advanced PC user, you wouldn’t find this a problem because you will find out alternative solutions immediately. But what about the average PC users? Are they supposed to continue using their Windows 8 machine without a quick restart/shutdown option?

Well, if you are bothered about the lack of a quick option to reboot Windows 8, I have an easy solution for you. Read the steps carefully and work out. For any concerns, you can always get in touch with our technical support desk.

  • Turn on your Windows 8 PC. When the PC is turned on, you find yourself in the Metro User Interface. 
  • Navigate your mouse pointer to the right-corner of the window. This will display the Charms bar. Select Settings from the Charms bar. 
  • In the Settings screen, you will see the Power button. When you click this button, you will see options such as Shutdown and Reboot. Choose the appropriate option to proceed. 
The above instructions must have helped you quickly access restart/shutdown options in your Windows 8 PC. If you have any other concerns regarding your Windows 8 operating system, get in touch with our technical support desk or visit the Windows 8 support forum.

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