Monday, April 28, 2014

Running Android Applications On Your Computer

In this era of advancing technology where everyone has a smartphone, the app developers are having a good time as the number of users for smartphones is on a rise. However, with more and more applications and games being developed for Android smartphones daily, which are well accepted by users all over the world, some of the users have wondered if there is any way to run Android apps on PC. Well this thought has given rise to the development and deployment of emulators. If you have one of the emulators installed on your computer, you will be able to run all the applications that were previously only available for smartphones on your computer.

Now you will be able to access and run popular Android apps like WhatsApp, Fruit Ninja, Vector, WeChat and Where's My Water for free on your computer. One of the best Android emulators is known by the name Bluestacks and can be used for downloading and running the apps on your desktop or laptop computers. The best feature of the emulator is that it provides the users a mouse friendly interface such that they will get ease of access when using the emulator for running and downloading the Android apps.

One of the greatest features that make the Android users go head over heels on the Bluestacks emulator is that the application can be easily synced with your phone accounts, so that you will be able to play the paid apps installed in your mobile phones on the laptop as well. However, there is a slight disadvantage in this way of playing games, as you will not be able to get the same comforts while you run Android apps on PC when compared to playing on smartphones, as most of the games are touch optimized and it will be a difficult task for the player to play it with just the mouse.

However, with some of the guides available in the internet, you will be able to score high scores in the games even while playing it using the computer. You can use the tips given in the guide for setting new high scores for the games. The best thing is that since the Android operating system is completely open source, you will be able to get high quality emulators that are free of any legal issues that usually come with downloading of games for Apple and Windows.

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