Monday, March 25, 2013

Steps To Insert Logo With Signature In Outlook Express

Outlook Express, from the software giant, Microsoft, allows its users to make a signature in the HTML file format in their Email messages. You can use Outlook Express or an HTML editor to create, edit and place logos in your computer. Follow the steps below to add a logo into your email client.

Outlook Express help instructions to insert a logo with signature in outlook express

  • Switch on your laptop or desktop. 
  • Log in as the administrator. Enter Password and Username, when prompted, into the corresponding fields in the login screen. 
  • Launch the Start Menu by clicking on the Start icon located in the bottom left corner of the Home Screen Taskbar.
  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook Express application. To launch Outlook Express, click on the label Microsoft Outlook, in the Start Menu. 
  • Click on the Compose label, and in the message body, enter the data that you want to add as signature. Include your name, phone number, image and any other details in the signature.
  • Locate the image file that you want to add. Select the Insert option placed on top of the e-mail message body. From the pop-up, select the image that you wish to add as signature. 
  • Hit the Browse option. This will launch the Browse window. Double click the logo to insert as signature. Click OK to make the logo appear in the email. 
  • To change the logo size, place the cursor on the logo edge and drag the borders. 
  • Click the File option and then hit the Save As option after you are done with editing and resizing the signature. Select the location to which you want to save the file. Enter the name into the space next to the label Name. Set the file type to HTML from the type drop down. Hit the Save option and close the Email. 
  • Select Tools and then select Options. Select the Signatures tab from the drop down that appears. Hit the New option and then select the File option at the bottom of the window. Click Browse to locate the file.
  • Set file type to HTML. Navigate to the location where the files are stored and double click the file created file. 
  • Check the box next to the label, Add signatures to all outgoing messages to add signatures. Hit OK after this adjustment to make the logo appear in your email message. 

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