Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Outlook Express To Work Again

Outlook express is a handy email client that comes pre-installed in certain versions of Windows operating system. In general, relying on an email client program is better than using web mail services that work from the web browser. The major benefit of using an email client service is that you can easily store emails with yourself and keep backup copies of them handy if you are using your email account to access work related emails.

However, problems arise when Outlook Express does not work the way it is intended. At times, you will not receive emails because of issues with the email server. Fortunately, these errors can be easily rectified if you know how to do the same.

Check your Mail server connectivity

The standard server ports that are used for getting emails using the POP3 or IMAP protocols are port 110 and port 143. If the ports are set wrong, look into appropriate support guides or contact our tech support services to troubleshoot the issue. Be careful not to fall for malicious Omni Tech Support scams and rely on proper support services to troubleshoot the issue.

If the port settings are correct, make the following changes to correct your mail client settings:
  • Incoming mail server should be set to: 
  • Outgoing mail server should be set to: 
  • Your full email address must go inside the username tab. 
  • Type in your password using correct casing in the password column. 
Check Email Quota

Individual servers have their size limits. If the memory of the server has filled due to excess emails, the server will no longer accept new email. In such circumstances, you will have to look into increasing the size quota of your email account or remove some of the pre-existing emails.

Check the account’s disk usage from:
  • Click on Control Panel and then click on Email Accounts. 
  • From inside this option, click on the Current Accounts section. 
  • This will display a column with email usage settings which will detail the space usage of each email account and how much is left. 
In order to change the email quota, here’s what you have to do: 
  • Click on Control Panel and then select the Email Accounts. 
  • Click on Current Accounts and then open the Functions column. 
  • Click on Change quota in order to view the MX record. 
  • If it has been configured incorrectly, your domain name registrar can be sent with a request in order to change the record with a correct one. 
If following these steps did not bear any fruit, try contacting our tech support team. Be careful not to fall for any Omni Tech Support scams.

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